Ancillary/Worksite Cancer Insurance

Medical advances have resulted in increased survival rates for specified disease. But with these advances come increased health care costs. Lengthy, expensive recovery periods can mean the loss of personal wages and an employee’s ability to pay for care and treatment. Even with the most generous employer-provided medical and disability insurance plans, workers need additional resources to help meet their financial needs.

Cancer Insurance pays lump-sum benefits that can help employees pay out-of-pocket expenses resulting from cancer treatment. Just as importantly, this product also pays an annual cancer-screening tests/wellness benefit to encourage employees to have regular screenings, improving their chance of survival if they do develop cancer. And you can select from several levels and plan options to help meet the needs of a diverse employee base.

Ancillary/Worksite Cancer Insurance Providers:


Brochure Name
Brochure Description
  • Group Voluntary Cancer
    AllState Voluntary Cancer Plan Brochure


Brochure Name
Brochure Description
  • Cancer Lump Sum ER
    Humana Voluntary Lump Sum Cancer Plan