Ancillary/Worksite Critical Illness Insurance

Round out your employees’ benefits package with individual Critical Illness Insurance plans that complement major medical coverage by helping employees pay the direct and indirect costs associated with a specified critical illness. An annual health screening benefit is also available with this product.

Critical Illness products offer the inherent advantages of individual products on a group platform. So you have the underwriting and and pricing advantages of a group product combined with the benefits flexibility, published rates and limited portability of an individual product, all available at guaranteed issue as long as certain requirements are met.

Ancillary/Worksite Critical Illness Insurance Providers:


Brochure Name
Brochure Description
  • Critical Illness ER Brochure
    Group Voluntary Critical Illness Brochure


Brochure Name
Brochure Description
  • A Rates B Rates add 25%
    Guardian Critical Illness Flyer
  • Critical Illness Brochure
    Guardian Voluntary Critical Illness Brochure


Brochure Name
Brochure Description
  • Critical Illness & Cancer
    Humana Critical Illness & Cancer 1 Page Flyer
  • Critical Illness ER
    Humana Critical Illness Brochure for Employer
  • Critical Advantage
    Humana Critical Illness Advantage Brochure