Individual Life Insurance

At PIE we represent the top 10 individual life insurance carriers in the United State. Life insurance helps take care of your loved one’s immediate and future financial needs following your death. Immediate needs can include burial/funeral expenses, uninsured medical costs and current bills and debts. Future needs could include income replacement, education plans, ongoing family obligations, emergency funds, and retirement expenses. We will find you the right policy for you. We work with One Resource Group out of Fort Wayne, IN to find you the solution you’re looking for. Click here to go to the PIE Life Insurance Quoting website. If you would rather call, call Anthony @ 574-952-8444 or email him at


Individual Life Insurance Providers:


Brochure Name
Brochure Description
  • Humana Memorial Life Insurance
    Helps your family pay for final expenses such as funeral costs, medical bills, and legal fees